Date Lecture Readings
Module 2: Large Scale Transactional Databases
11/04 Expert Panel #1 (Eric):
11/09 Expert Panel #2 (Eric):
11/11 Expert Panel #3 (Eric):
  • Corbett, James C. and Dean, Jeffrey and Epstein, Michael and Fikes, Andrew and Frost, Christopher and Furman, J. J. and Ghemawat, Sanjay and Gubarev, Andrey and Heiser, Christopher and Hochschild, Peter and Hsieh, Wilson and Kanthak, Sebastian and Kogan, Eugene and Li, Hongyi and Lloyd, Alexander and Melnik, Sergey and Mwaura, David and Nagle, David and Quinlan, Sean and Rao, Rajesh and Rolig, Lindsay and Saito, Yasushi and Szymaniak, Michal and Taylor, Christopher and Wang, Ruth and Woodford, Dale, Spanner - Google's Globally-Distributed Database, OSDI 2012, (Sec. 1-5.2)
11/16 Expert Panel #4 (Eric):
11/18 Expert Panel #5 (Eric):
11/23 Expert Panel #6 (Eric):
Amazon Aurora
11/30 Expert Panel #7 (Eric):
11/30 Happy ending!